ARMINAS doesn't need to compete with anyone, it simply prevails as a stand-alone brand

Design Section

ARMINAS design section provides professional 3D visualization services for direct customers and architects. The architects are using the latest design software enabling the provision of spectacular real effect images.

Installation Section

ARMINAS service section consists of carefully selected skilled and well-trained installers; or what we like to call the ARMINAS craftsmen. These teams of 35 skilled craftsmen are exclusively dedicated to ARMINAS projects.

Supervision Section

Securing high-quality performance, ARMINAS has dedicated specialized civil, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing related engineers in handling day to day work supervision.

Features & Benefits

Customers love Arminas, because they see love and passion in the eyes of its employees.

Arminas has been founded on Quality, Quantity, Spirit of Cooperation and Competent Salesmanship of Service.

One-stop Shop

ARMINAS is a one-stop shop where you can meet all your requirements.


ARMINAS never compromises quality. Italy is the source of bathroom and spas materials.

New Materials

ARMINAS is continuously investing in new materials and showrooms.



Top Products

ARMINAS launches and brings new products as a top priority. Products are made by understanding customer needs and keeping in mind that the product should be aesthetically beautiful, detailed, and genuine.

Shoresh street, Irbil, Iraq

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