We engrave the epitome of character within the foundation of your surrounding

At ARMINAS we understand that it is inevitable for you to settle for the pinnacle of quality,
prestige, uniqueness, outstanding luxury, and an everlasting experience
of reflecting your unparalleled individuality.

About Arminas

ARMINAS Construction LLC has established in 2010. This company came into existence to revolutionize the perception of living within the realms of your homes. We’ve fully comprehended the fact that our unique clientele deserves an exceptionally distinctive environment within their living spaces. Starting from state of the art brands in bathroom & banyo culture such as Hansgrohe & Duravit to the pinnacle of interior structure’s art and caliber such as Atlas & Versace to the apex of the world of furniture such as Roberto Cavalli; we have the best of the world from every segment to shape masterpieces of luxury. ARMINAS offers a euphoric experience of walking through its 3 showrooms each dedicated for a segment and only hosts those who dare to claim what they truly deserve; perfection.  

Our Vision

ARMINAS’s vision goes beyond selling a product to our customers but rather to chisel the most expensive experience they could ever purchase; literally. We direct our vision into establishing an empire that is reigned by value, distinction, luxury, and most importantly; exclusivity – for those who dare and seek the paramount value of living.

Quality Assurance

ARMINAS has established its empire by taking on board the elite of the world in the product lines within its industry segment. When it comes to offering the absolute highest quality there is no room for compromise; not even one bit. We deliver a tailored formation to each client, magnificent finishing, and guaranteed superb results.